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Athleaks presents Brandon Ooi - Dream Big Or Go Home

27 April 2019


For all the things that the time spent at training has taken away from me, kayaking has given me a dream. The dream to be the best in the world by my own merit and hard work. Ever since I realized I could be the best in my school team just by trying my best, I was sucked into the dream that I could be the best of anything if I put my heart down to working harder, better, faster, stronger and I also soon learned, smarter. On a side note, if there is any secret to success, the base of it is working smart paired with perseverance and resilience. One without the other simply cannot work. Dreaming has allowed me to experience being the fastest person in Singapore before I caught up to my seniors. Dreaming has allowed me to hear our National Anthem at the SEA Games before I even took part in one. Dreaming has allowed me to punch my hand up in the air in victory as I cross the line before other world greats at the World Championships or Olympics. It’s a tough ask but I believe that it is possible and that’s what keeps me going.

I love sharing about my dream, it makes me happy to let people know where I’m headed and to inspire people to work for their own and I think it shows on my face everyday, especially through my current internship. A colleague that sits just one seat away from me told me that I have a great smile and I attributed it to the fact that I am naturally happy all the time. From my short time on this earth, it has led me to believe that having a long-term goal to strive for keeps you happy.

I’ve heard many stories about people wanting to pull others down to make themselves seem better. Thankfully I’ve never experienced it first-hand. In counter to this, I think the biggest reason why I stuck to this dream besides my own drive to succeed is because I want to give people inspiration to work and build up what they have into something that could be the best in the world, without pulling others down. We are all building blocks part of society and in today’s world and in today’s world, everyone has a gift, whether it be something that everyone recognises, or just something small that gives you meaning at home. No matter what it is, this semi-decent athlete who dreams of more, believes in you.

So if you’re an aspiring _______, believe in yourself, read up, work hard and smart and keep working at your dream. When you set yourself to something, you got to go for it all the way. Ditch the doubts that you have about yourself, and the doubts that people have about you because only you can decide who and what you want to be at the end of the day. For those into the arts, sports, music or just something that they don’t teach at school, I’ve always believed that you can effectively do 2 things in the same period of time. No one can train 24 hours a day nor can they study that amount, and even if they could, it wouldn’t be effective. Take the time what you can and spend it on things that mean something to you and give you purpose in your life.

For me, I will keep working and if my dream predictions come true,

you’ll see “Ooi” in the headlines.

-Brandon Ooi


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