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AG2018: Team harmony allows squash team to thrive

31 August 2018
Lee Yaocheng


As the most senior member of the Team Singapore squash team at the 2018 Asian Games, Samuel Kang sees himself as the older brother of the group and takes it upon himself to be a good role model for the younger players.

“My role is to try to set an example when I’m on court. I feel that being older I need to set a good example when I prepare for my matches and when I compete on court,” said the 28-year-old, who led Singapore to a 2-1 win against Qatar in the men’s team match on Thursday.

Team Singapore finished joint third in their group and joint-fifth overall – a result that satisfied their expectations coming into this Games.


Team Singapore squash player Samuel Kang Team Singapore squash player Samuel Kang. Photo: Sport Singapore


“Overall, we did well. Coming in, we were actually seeded behind Qatar so today just being able to beat them and finish third in the group that’s quite an accomplishment considering this is our first Asian Games,” Samuel said.

Not only is the SEA Games gold medalist respected for his skills on the court, but Samuel’s experience and attitude also make him a team-mate to look up to.

“One thing we can all learn from Samuel is how he approaches training. Sometimes you have an off day in training and don’t feel like pushing that hard, but Samuel goes a hundred per cent every single time,” said 21-year-old Benedict Chan.

“I think that pushes you because when you see someone push harder when you feel like slacking, you also want to train harder.”


Team Singapore squash player Samuel Kang Samuel (left) in action during the Games. Photo: Sport Singapore


It isn’t a one-way street, however. There is a harmonious relationship within the team where Samuel also picks up good habits from the younger members.

“The younger players are very relaxed. They know how to switch on and off, and that’s a good attitude to have,” he said.

“The top professionals know how to switch off because you cannot be so focused and hyper alert all the time. That’s going to drain you. So being able to switch on and off, that’s a good thing to be able to do.”

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