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Singapore Sports Awards 2018 winners hungry for more success

20 July 2018
By Nicolette Mok

Recognised as some of TeamSG’s top, the 2018 Singapore Sports Awards’ winners remained grounded and determined to work harder for more.


The Singapore Sports Awards 2018 was a glamorous party with the brightest stars of the local sporting scene, from athletes, to coaches, administrators, media, and more.


team of the year synchronised swimming 

Sportsboy/Sportsgirl Team of the Tear - Synchronised Swimming Team (2017 SEA Games)

Photo: Singapore National Olympic Council


Aimed at recognising the best in the sporting field for their performances in 2017, the event was organised by the Singapore National Olympic Council (SNOC) and SportSG. Speaker of Parliament and SNOC President Tan Chuan-Jin, as well as Minister for Culture, Community, and Youth Grace Fu, were in attendance.


As Speaker Tan shared in his opening remarks: “Over the years, as our sports ecosystem thrived, we’ve included categories to recognise outstanding young athletes, teams, coaches, events, journalism, and photography. 118 athletes will also be recognised in the meritorious categories.”


While the winners took the awards as a form of motivation, they hardly viewed these prestigious accolades as the pinnacle of their success. In their relentless quest for excellence, finalists and recipients alike turned their attention to the upcoming Asian Games and beyond.


Swimmer Joseph Schooling, who won Sportsman of the Year for a record fifth time in a row, said: “Every year, it’s something to build on. I’m grateful that I’ve won this award, but I’ve turned my attention to the Asian Games coming up next month. It’s obviously a never-ending pursuit of trying to get better.”


sportsman of the year joseph schooling 

Sportsman of the Year - Joseph Isaac Schooling (Swimming)

Photo: Singapore National Olympic Council


The 2016 Olympic gold medallist won a bronze medal at the 2017 World Championships, before going on to take six SEA Games gold medals. He edged out wushu athlete Jowen Lim and cyclist Calvin Sim to clinch this Sportsman of the Year title.


Sportswoman of the Year was secured by paddler Feng Tianwei, who triumphed over the two other finalists in her category – bowler Shayna Ng and shooter Jasmine Ser. She was honoured for her medals at various international-level competitions, as well as the titles that she earned in all three events that she competed in at the SEA Games.


Synchronised swimmer Debbie Soh beat shooter Martina Veloso, swimmer Quah Jing Wen, and fencer Amita Berthier to win Sportsgirl of the Year, thanks to her stellar results at the 2017 SEA Games, where she led her team to three gold and two silver medals. Along with the rest of her squad, she will be part of her sport’s debut at the Asian Games this year.


sportsgirl of the year debbie soh 

Sportsgirl of the Year - Debbie Soh (Synchronised Swimming)

 Photo: Singapore National Olympic Council


Debbie remarked: “I hope that this award will continue to motivate us. Whether we win or not, it shouldn’t be the main factor that drives us. But it has a part to play in pushing us forward.”


“In 2015, we started to make our mark, and last year just proved to us that we can maintain our standard within Southeast Asia. Now, we’ll not aim for just the regional level. We will be aiming higher, to do well at the Asian Games and perhaps even the Olympics,” she continued.


Sailor Mohammad Daniel Kei Bin Mohammad Yazid, who was the top Asian in the Optimist class last year, defeated silat exponent Abdul Raaziq Bin Abdul Rashid to the Sportsboy of the Year prize.


Beyond encouraging stronger performances within their own teams, the awardees also hoped that being in the spotlight would help inspire upcoming generations of talented young athletes, spurring them towards success for Singapore.


team of the year floorball 

Team of the Year (Team Sport) - Floorball Women's Team

Photo: Singapore National Olympic Council


As Joseph emphasised: “I want to lead by example, work hard, and be humble. I don’t like prima donnas or divas and I’ll never act like that. It’s important how you carry yourself and perform. Put all those things together and you’ll get a well-rounded person – and the accolades will come as long as you work hard for them.”


Debbie added: “I hope that the younger generation will see that success is not overnight. I’ve been in this sport for almost 13 years. It’s been a long process for everyone, and our journeys are all different. But as long as you have the passion to keep going forward, you will be rewarded eventually, whether it’s with an award, or achieving your personal best, or inspiring someone.”


The Asian Games, held in Indonesia from 18 August to 2 September, will see our athletes working towards bigger and better, aiming for yet more honours. Continue cheering them on but, for now, click here to view a full list of award recipients!

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