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CWG2018: Dreams of growing weightlifting through Commonwealth Games

08 April 2018
By Yaocheng Lee

Weightlifter John Cheah hopes for more growth in the sport through Commonwealth Games

Competing at his first Commonwealth Games, Team Singapore weightlifter John Cheah felt that the atmosphere in Gold Coast, Australia, boosted his confidence more than the previous weightlifting championships he has participated in.

 John Cheah
John Cheah looking all determined and geared up for his event

“It’s such a new feeling. I’ve been to several weightlifting championships before but the atmospheres doesn’t come close to the atmosphere here,” John said.

“It definitely gives you a greater confidence to call yourself an athlete knowing that you’ve achieved something more than decent with your craft.”

John had to shave off nearly 5kg to meet the men’s 85kg category requirement and eventually finished 13th, recording 115kg for the snatch and 143kg for the clean and jerk on Saturday evening.  His personal bests stand at 120kg for the snatch and 145kg for the clean and jerk, which he achieved at the Commonwealth Championships last year.

John Cheah
Persevering till the end

John, who is a full-time weightlifting coach and personal trainer, hopes that the weightlifting scene in Singapore will continue to rise after the games in Gold Coast.

“The rise of functional fitness in Singapore has also seen a rise in the interest for weightlifting and I hope this Commonwealth Games have added the benefit of raising the profile of weightlifting in the country.”

John Cheah
Giving it all in his lift at the Men's 85kg event

The 27-year-old added: “In the bigger scheme of things, I see weightlifting being an integral part of athlete development, alongside gymnastics.

“Sports groups in Singapore tend to be pretty close to one another, but I think there is room for weightlifting and gymnastics to dispel the myths that they are threatening, growth-stunters, et cetera, and we can all move towards greater athletic performance as a nation.”

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