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CWG2018: An inspirational experience for shooter Lin Hejun

14 April 2018
By Yaocheng Lee

Team Singapore shooter Lin Hejun was inspired by Tessa Neo’s grit and determination at the Commonwealth Games

Lin Hejun was at the Belmont Shooting Centre in Gold Coast watching his teammates, Martina Lindsay Veloso and Tessa Neo, compete in the women’s 10m air rifle finals, where the former went on to win Singapore’s first gold medal of the 2018 Commonwealth Games.


The victory was incredible achievement for an 18-year-old. However, it was her fellow compatriot Tessa who really inspired our Team Singapore shooter Hejun.

Tessa, whose rifle malfunctioned during the shoot, did not give up in the face of the unfortunate situation. And watching her strive on in spite of these difficulties impressed Hejun.

The invaluable experience of watching top athletes compete live in the Commonwealth Games was a boon for Hejun. He was able to learn from world class shooters – and not just their shooting techniques, but more importantly, their mentality.


“She faced a lot of issues when she was shooting in the finals. And what really impressed me was the courage and determination she showed in shooting every shot even though it was a huge struggle,” said Hejun, who finished in the 25th position with a score of 106 in the men’s trap even on Saturday. 

“I’m not sure that everybody in that situation would be able to handle it the way she did. I was there live and I saw it, and this was something for me to learn from as an athlete.”


This was an experience he would always remember and the perseverance and tenacity made Hejun aware that it was an essential quality to have when competing. “I told myself that I would need to be ready for this kind of situations because you never know what would happen in a competition,” the 27-year-old said.

“It reinforced the importance of continuing to pull the trigger even if I am shooting zeros.”

As our athletes progress into the last day of the Commonwealth Games tomorrow, do stay tuned to catch our TeamSG paddlers in their respective final events on and follow our Team Singapore Facebook page for exclusive updates!

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