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Team Singapore shows its support for Purple Parade

30 October 2017
Stefanus Ian/ Reuters Plus


The 2017 Purple Parade saw the largest ever support by the Team Singapore contingent with about 30 national athletes and para athletes turning up together with Team Nila volunteers.

Purple Parade 2017 

Team Singapore bowler Shayna Ng (holding handphone) taking a wefie with fellow Team Singapore athletes at the Purple Parade. Photo: Sport Singapore


This year’s parade is officially the first time that able-bodied national athletes, such as bowler Shayna Ng, attended the parade to form part of the Team Singapore contingent and the 28-year-old bowler said she supports the idea of inclusivity that is centre to the Purple Parade.

“The turnout is quite overwhelming, I mean to have (the Suntec city) area like that and I mean the fact that we have both the able-bodied and the para athletes here today really means something,” said Ng.

“I personally believe in inclusiveness and they deserve this. It’s to create awareness for them and to tell everybody that we are all equal,” she added.

“It’s our way of giving back to the society and it’s the least that we can do for them.”

Purple Parade 2017 

Members of Team Nila pose for a picture with Senior Minister of State, Sim Ann (to the right of Nila). Photo: Sport Singapore


The fourth edition of the parade kicked off with the Team Singapore contingent marching just after the guest-of-honour, President Halimah Yacob.

The Team Singapore contingent consisted of able-bodied athletes from sports like cricket, bowling, speed skating and also para athletes from sports like swimming, boccia, wheelchair rugby, sailing, table tennis as well as a couple of deaflympics bowlers.

For the newly announced Chef De Mission of the 2017 Asian Youth Para Games in Dubai, Yip Pin Xiu, the growth of participants bode well for the movement.

“I am very surprised because the last time I went for the parade it was still at Hong Lim Park, it was a smaller event but this one is just really really big and there’s so many people both with disabilities and without who are just here supporting and I am glad to see it,” said Yip.

Purple Parade 2017 

The Team Singapore contingent consisted of athletes from sports like cricket, bowling, speed skating, as well as para athletes from sports like swimming, boccia, wheelchair rugby, sailing, table tennis and bowling. Photo: Sport Singapore


“I am very proud of Singaporeans that they are showing the support for all abilities,” added the 25-year-old.

The Three-time Paralympic gold medallist, who is also friends with Ng, said she is heartened by the support of her fellow Team Singapore athletes who came down to support.

“It’s great that they are very inclusive, I don’t even think they see me as someone with a disability, they just see me as a person and I think we need more of that: to see people as who they are instead of labelling them.”


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