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Date of Birth

20 April, 1989





About Me

It all started when I went to support my siblings at a competition. It looked really cool and intriguing, so I decided to try it for myself. Lo and behold, I got hooked! It was a good, fun way for us to bond as a family! (Fun fact: 5 out of 6 of my siblings are fencers!) There are times though when training gets tiring and tedious, and it's then that I always think back to the support shown to all of us athletes by our fellow Singaporeans. The support reminds me that I am not alone in this journey and it gives me motivation to fight on, especially when it feels like I can't do it anymore, because I don't want to let everyone down. It's also encouraging to know that everyone is doing their part to keep our flag flying high in our own little ways.

  • 2018 Asian Fencing Championships, Women's Epee - 6th
  • 2017 World Fencing Championships, Women's Epee - Top 64
  • 2016 Hong Kong Open Fencing Championships, Women's Epee - Gold
  • 2015 SEA Games, Women's Epee Team - Bronze
  • 2014 Commonwealth Fencing Championships, Women's Epee - Gold
  • 2014 Asian Fencing Championships, Team Epee – Top 8
  • 2012 Southeast Asia Fencing Championships, Team Epee – Silver
  • 2012 Thailand Open Fencing Championships, Individual and Team Epee – Gold
  • 2011 Taipei Open Fencing Championships, Individual Epee – Gold
  • 2010 Commonwealth Fencing Championships, Team Epee – Bronze
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tingwen back


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