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My love for bowling started when Thomas Yong, my current teammate invited me to join him for a game. Since then, this passion grew along with our friendship at the bowling alley. Being visually impaired, it was not easy to keep the ball in the right direction. However, with the aid of my coaches and teammates, I improved my game over time.


  • 2015 ASEAN Para Games, Mixed Trios Open - TPB1 + TPB1/2 +TPB1/2/3 - Silver
  • 2015 10th NDL: 
    (Mixed Open Singles TPB1 - 1st)
  • 2015 2nd APTBF Championship, Manila:
    (Mixed Singles TPB1 - 4th)
    (Mixed Doubles TPB1 + TPB2/3 - 3rd)
    (Mixed Trios TPB1 + TPB2/3 + TPB2/3 - 3rd)
  • 2015 5th IBSA World Games, Seoul:
    (Men Singles TPB1 - 12th)
    (Mixed Doubles TPB1 + TPB2/3 - 15th)
    (Mixed Trios TPB1 + TPB2/3 + TPB2/3 - 11th)
    (Mixed Quartets TPB1 + TPB2/3 + TPB2/3 - 13th)
    (Men All Events TPB2 - 10th)


Game Event Result
2015 ASEAN Para Games Mixed Trios Open TPB1 + TPB1/2 +TPB1/2/3 Finals Score of 1656 (Finished 2nd of 4)
2015 ASEAN Para Games Mixed Doubles Open TPB1 + TPB3 Finals Score of 1301 (Finished 6th of 6)
2015 ASEAN Para Games Mixed Singles Open TPB 1 Finals Score of 564 (Finished 6th of 7)

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