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Date of Birth

16 January, 1986




Contract Bridge

About Me

My journey to where I now am in Bridge is a bit of a tumultuous one. Early on in my youth bridge career, I was informed by the then national coach that I was dropped from the team. It felt like the whole world had just crashed down upon me. I remember walking home from the Bishan clubhouse (about a 2 and a half hour walk) and reminding myself how I would never ever want to experience that again. Two weeks before the competition, two of the players could not make it due to national service commitments and my current partner (Desmond) and I were immediately drafted in to replace them. We did so well we  went on to win the entire event! Quite the fairy-tale ending there!



  • 2018 Asian Cup Championships, Men's Team - 9th
  • 2017 KCBL Tournament, Open Team - 5th
  • 2017 Dragon Lake Cup, Open Team - 6th
  • 2016 Easter Congress, Open Team - 1st
tingwen back
tingwen back


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