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Rhythmic gymnastics combines both art and sports together. It is a graceful and aesthetically pleasing sport which still requires a high degree of discipline and athletic fitness, allowing me to develop in both areas. Singapore is my home and it is an honour to represent Singapore on an international stage. Support from Singaporean is important to me beacuase it recgonizes the hard effort which I have put into my sport and spur me on to work harder to reach newer heights for gymnastics in Singapore


  • 2014 National Senior - Champion
  • 2013 National Senior - Champion
  • 2011 National Junior - Champion 
  • 2013 Asian Championships - Top 16
  • 2010 ASEAN School Games, Indiviual - 3rd in hoop and ball
  • 2010 South East Asian Gymnastics conferation junior championships, individual hoop - 2nd


Game Event Result
28th SEA Games Singapore 2015 Rhythmic Individual Finals- Hoop, Ball, Clubs, Ribbon Score of 54.150 (Finished 6th of 10)
20th Commonwealth Games Glasgow 2014 Rhythmic Team Finals Score of 108.824 (8th)
20th Commonwealth Games Glasgow 2014 Individual Clubs Qualifications Score of 11.40 (DNQ)
20th Commonwealth Games Glasgow 2014 Individual Ribbon Qualifications Score of 11.35 (DNQ)
20th Commonwealth Games Glasgow 2014 Individual Ball Qualifications Score of 8.55 (DNQ)

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