Team Singapore

One aim, one shot, one goal

by Nithya Christie

syahidah archery


I didn’t start archery just because Lord of the Rings made it look cool. I’ve had people ask me that before and I get so amused each time.

I picked up archery at 18 because I’ve always thought it's such a graceful and artistic sport! It might look rigid in its movements but there’s a certain fluidity to it. From one’s posture to the way they draw their arrow with confidence right down to their final pull and release of the bowstring, it’s filled with elegant movements.

Born with cerebral palsy, my lower body is weak and I walk with a limp which tires me out quickly. But keeping an active lifestyle is important. So despite my difficulty in walking, I’ve been involved in sports since young. I love swimming and I even do brisk-walking now and then.

Training for archery is also great physical and mental exercise. We train six times a week be it rain or shine. While my commute from my workplace to the stadium I practise at can be challenging at times, I take it in my stride because I’m doing what I love.

Also, what has made it easy for me to continue to pursue archery all these years is the amazing support I get from my family members, friends and colleagues. They understand that all I want to do is to pursue my passion and at the same time help build awareness for disability sports in Singapore.

Since my team and I have been giving it our all throughout our training, we really hope to make our biggest supporters and Singapore proud by winning a medal in the upcoming 8th ASEAN Para Games.

Ultimately, being a Sport Singapore employee allows me to represent and promote the idea that everyone, no matter able-bodied or people with disabilities, can play sports.

Remember, sports know no boundaries.