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Training Tips

Dynamic Warm Up

Dynamic warm ups prepare your muscles for exercise and improves resistance to injury, and also works to coordinate your muscles, increasing flexibility and stability.

11 Best Cardio Workouts to burn fats

Cardio workouts are our allies in the battle against fats. With a bit of method and hard work, we will be able to burn the calories with these winning eleven cardio workouts.

Exercises to curb thunder thighs

The only way to curb ‘thunder’ thighs is a combination of a healthy calorie reduced diet, sufficient cardiovascular exercises and weights training to tone the muscles.


4 fun and cool workouts to try for young adults

Working out can sometimes be a misunderstood term that brings to mind repetitive gym sessions or a boring long run. For some it could be the reason why some people consider keeping fit a chore.

singapore haze

5 workout ideas during the haze

A list of fun activities to keep you healthy and fit during this hazy period.

A Beginners Guide to Cardiovascular Training

Learn the basics of cardiovascular training, including the benefits, the precautions and how it fits into your overall fitness programme. Cardiovascular training is healthy for the mind and the body.

A Beginners Guide to Strength Training

Pick up the basics of strength training, and learn about its benefits and how it fits into your overall fitness programme.

active aging

Active ageing in your golden years

Live life to the fullest, even in your golden years, by keeping up an active lifestyle.

Bodyweight exercises

Basic body weight exercises

Even if you don’t have weights at home, you can still carry out strength training using your own body weight.

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Basic yoga poses suitable for kidney patients

Exercise is a beneficial way for you to improve your general health, and yoga is an ideal form of that for anyone with a kidney condition to enjoy at his or her own pace.