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Sports Safety

Sports Safety families
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Safety is fundamental in any sports activity. When organising a family sports activity, make sports safety a priority so that you can enjoy an injury-free, fun activity together.

Activity Planning

Prior to any sports activity, proper planning is key. Take all family members’ medical history and activity level into consideration before choosing a sport. Always ensure that all members of the family can easily participate in the chosen activity.

General Safety Precautions

General safety precautions should be followed at all times. These include basic hydration, wearing sunscreen if enjoying sports outside, and wearing protective gear where applicable, such as helmets or protective pads when cycling.

Warm Up and Cool Down

Taking time to complete a proper warm up will help prepare your body for the activity properly. Likewise, a cool down will assist in recovery after the activity. Warm up, cool down and stretching exercises can be done together as a family, with adults taking care to ensure that children and elderly seniors stretch with correct form.

First Aid

Adults should equip themselves with basic first aid knowledge so that any injury can be attended to immediately. A first aid kit should also be on hand nearby.