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Benefits of Sports

benefits of sports family
File photo credit: Aundry Gan/SportSG

Enjoying sports as a family has many benefits. Not only do you improve your health and well-being, sports is also a great activity to bond as a family.

Family Togetherness

Sports as a family brings the concept of “team” into the home. Emphasising on team spirit helps to encourage values. As all members of your family enjoy a sport together as a team, you learn how you can support each other and work towards a shared goal, fostering family togetherness.

Positive Influence

Parents have profound impact on their children, and this translates to sports. Children are influenced by parents’ attitudes towards sports. By demonstrating a healthy competitive spirit, sportsmanship and other positive sporting qualities, you can help to impart important lessons to your children through sporting activities.

Character Development

Family sports activities are the perfect opportunity for parents to encourage positive character traits. For instance, by demonstrating to your children how they can contribute towards a team goal, you can instil independence and a sense of pride in your children.