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Fundamental Movement Skills

What is FMS?

Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) form the building blocks that underpin daily living activities. The early years are crucial for helping children build this foundation. Children who lack movement skill competency are less likely to acquire sports-specific and complex movement skills in their growing years.

The Importance of FMS

In an age of increasing reliance on the use of technology leading to screen addiction, the challenge of getting children moving is more critical than ever. Beyond the implications on health, there is a larger underlying need for children to be active, and play sports and games, for holistic and integrated development.

  • Locomotor Skills

    Locomotor skills move the body from one location to another.

  • Object Control Skills

    Object control skills require your child to control an object using a part of the body or using an implement.

  • Stability Skills

    Stability skills are focused on maintaining and acquiring balance, both static and dynamic.

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