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Basketball Academy

ActiveSG Basetkball Academy Now every child can get in on the action fast and fun!

Whether you are looking to give your child an introduction to this fun team sport of basketball or raising his/her skill level up a notch, the ActiveSG Basketball Academy is designed to do just that.

Qualified coaches will give your child a sound grounding in the fundamentals. While more advanced players can look forward to a pathway to expand their game.

To make training more accessible, the Academy will be housed regionally around Singapore so there is always one near you.

And while imparting the sporting skills, there is also focus on developing your child’s character and inculcating values such as teamwork, perseverance and humility. It is about producing not just better players, but better team players. To live better through sports.

The ActiveSG Basketball Academy – the holistic way to play the game.


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