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ActiveSG Sports Academy/Club

Would you like your child to sharpen his or her fundamental movement skills? Or have a pathway to excel in the sports of their interest?

Come check out the range of ActiveSG Sports Academies and Clubs!

Designed to be fun and of high quality, our holistic sports programmes help develop the child’s character, inculcate your child with important values such as discipline, perseverance and teamwork as well as life skills such as communication, overcome challenges and goals setting.

Regardless of ones’ ability and level of fitness, there is always a sport for every child.

So, what are you waiting for? Kindle your child’s passion for sport at ActiveSG Sports Academies or Clubs today!

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Athletics Sports Academy

Athletics Club

Fundamental movement skills picked up through Athletics provide the foundation upon which all other sport skills are built. Improve your child’s coordination and overall movement skills and help your child stay healthy through our fun and holistic programme.


Basketball Academy

With exposure and developmental programmes, competitions and leagues, it is the ideal platform to achieve your child’s basketball aspirations.

ActiveSG Football Academy - student with Aleksandar Duric

Football Academy

Led by former Singapore international Aleksandar Duric, ActiveSG Football Academy is exemplified by his belief in the purposefulness of sport for the development of our young players

Outdoor Adventure Club

Outdoor Adventure Club

Experience activities such as orienteering, hiking, canoeing, kayaking, mountain biking or want can acquire valuable outdoor survival skills such like map reading, knot tying and tent building.

Tennis Academy

From fundamental movement skills to core tennis skills, the programmes are designed to be fun, yet challenging.