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Wushu 2

Basic Wushu moves

In this article, we cover some basic wushu stances and kicks.


Sanshou Judges Signals

Learn some of the basic signals commonly seen in a wushu sanshou competition, and what each mean.


Scoring in Sanshou

Learn the basics of sanshou fighting in wushu, and how points are awarded to competitors.

wushu 10

Scoring in Taolu

Involving neither goals nor hits, taolu competitions are graded by two panels of judges who assess the quality of the movement and performance.

wushu 9

Taolu events

Discover the distinct characteristics that wushu styles featured in taolu possess.


Wushu competition rules for Sanshou

The sparring discipline of competitive wushu, or sanshou, involves many rules that are in place to ensure a safe and fair match.


Wushu competition rules for Taolu

Learn some of the basic regulations governing a typical wushu taolu competition.

Wushu 5

Wushu weapons

There are several different kinds of traditional weapons, which are an integral part of wushu.

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