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Basic rules of Volleyball

Get an overview of the rules and objectives for volleyball, so you can
start playing.

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Equipment needed for Volleyball

Volleyball competitions operate under strict court regulations. Find out more about the dimensions and specifications of a volleyball court.

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Fitness components in Volleyball

Learn which fitness components you should work on in order to
become a better volleyball player.

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How to play Volleyball

Volleyball is an easy game to master once you have learnt the proceedings of a match and how to score.


Player essentials in Volleyball

If you want to start playing volleyball, but don't know what you might need to get started, refer to our list of essentials!

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Positions in Volleyball

Find out about the various positions one can take on in volleyball and
each of their specialisations

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Skills needed in Volleyball

Here are some fundamental volleyball skills to master if you want to become an all-round player. Each of these skills comprises of several techniques that one can develop through practice and repetitions.

standard formations

Standard formations in Volleyball

Find out how to play to your team's advantage by understanding the three standard formations used in volleyball.

beginner drills

Volleyball drills for beginners

If you are unsure of how to hone and improve your basic skills, then try
out these simple drills to practice the fundamentals.


Volleyball rotation rules

In volleyball, players have specific locations on court that they need to be during the game and must rotate accordingly. All players should
understand rotation rules to avoid losing points for their team.

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