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Triathle Series 2016
 07 November 2016 By Sport Singapore

Singapore Sports School students win Triathle Series 2016

The Triathle Series 2016 concluded on Sunday at the SAF Yacht Club with Singapore Sports School (SSS) students taking top honours in both the Under 17 and Above 17 categories.

Ultra Aquathlon 2016
 18 October 2016 By Sport Singapore

Third edition of Ultra Aquathlon draws crowds despite gloomy weather

Despite gloomy weather conditions, the third Ultra Aquathlon on early Sunday morning, drew about 600 participants, including several others from countries such as Australia, France, Germany and the United Kingdom.

Singapore International Triathlon
 16 July 2016 By Elvin Ting

Australia Triathlon team dominates at Singapore International Triathlon

A total of 110 elite athletes from 10 countries competed in the Singapore International Triathlon.

 18 March 2016 By Sport Singapore

Proper Hydration For Exercise

Proper hydration is important in any workout. Learn how to hydrate yourself before, during and after workout or exercise.

Eat after Exercise
 13 January 2016

What To Eat After Exercise

After exercising, it is important to replenish our lost nutrients. Here are some different foods for different workouts.

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