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! 🍊 Happy Chinese New Year! Do take note of the change in our operating hours from 24 Jan to 27 Jan 2020. Share the gift of good health with exercises that can be done anywhere.
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Bishan Sport Centre

5 Bishan St 14

Bishan Sports Hall

5 Bishan Street 14

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Support from Singaporeans is important to me because these are the people who grew in the same setting, played the same games and share the same jokes. They are people I relate with and their support inspires me to break boundaries, challenge limits and do the impossible. There is great happiness when success is shared and great encourgament when others support you when you fail.

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What's On

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Table Tennis Clubs And Interest Groups

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27th SEA Games: Men's Table Tennis Singles Final

27th SEA Games: Men's Table Tennis Singles Final

Training Method

Table Tennis for Beginners

Pick up the basic skills of table tennis with our step-by-step guide for beginners in this section.

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Develop Your Game

Take your table tennis skill to the next level with our training tips and drills in this section.

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How To Play

Table Tennis Equipment

Find out what equipment are used for the sport of table tennis.

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Table Tennis Rules

Learn about the rules of table tennis in this section.

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Table Tennis facts

Find out interesting facts about the sport of table tennis in Singapore and around the world.

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