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  1. We heard that you are an avid swimmer. Tell us which Sports Recreational Centre do you frequent.

    The Tampines Sports Recreational Centre would be my pick.

  2. Why do you prefer Tampines SRC for your swimming routines?

    Tampines SRC has one 1.2 meter-deep pool and one Olympic-sized pool. These features are especially useful because, if either of the pools is crowded, I can always rely on the other to get my workout done.

  3. How frequently do you swim and why?

    I swim once a week as part of my overall fitness routine. My routine consists mostly of strength training at the gymnasium, and swimming is the cardiovascular component of my routine. While my aim is to build lean muscle, cardio is important to shed those little bits of fat in my body and swimming is a great full body workout (not forgetting, refreshing since it's a water sport!). I have also recently sustained a tendon injury in the ankle region of my left foot, therefore, running as a cardio exercise is out of the question as it bears too much weight. Swimming is easier on the joints and tendons, and that is another reason why swimming is a part of my workout routine.

  4. What are the facilities that you like in Tampines SRC?

    Naturally, I appreciate the two pools (there are, of course, 4 pools in total at Tampines SRC) and the gymnasium right above it that offers Ladies' only entry every Monday from 2pm-4pm. The 'Ladies' hours' is a wonderful feature of Tampines SRC gymnasium as it gives women who are passionate about strength training better access to the machines and the free weights in the gym (usually an area that is overflowing with sweaty men and boys).

  5. Besides swimming, what other facilities do you use in Tampines SRC?

    Definitely the Gymnasium on Level 2.

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