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sepak takraw equipment

Equipment and attire for Sepak Takraw

Sepak Takraw competitions adhere to strict court and attire regulations. Find out more about the dimensions and specifications of the court, the ball and attire.

sepak takraw game procedure

Game procedure and player positions in Sepak Takraw

Get a brief overview of the roles and game procedures in a Sepak Takraw match.

sepak takraw positioning your body

Positioning your body for kicks in Sepak Takraw

Learn how you can use and position different parts of your body to do basic but useful Sepak Takraw Kicks.

sepak takraw rules

Rules and regulations of Sepak Takraw

Get an overview of the rules and regulations for Sepak Takraw before you start playing.

sepak takraw scoring and infringements

Scoring and infringements in Sepak Takraw

Learn how to score points and avoid the faults in Sepak Takraw.

sepak takraw techniques and skills

Techniques and skills in sepak takraw

In this article, we have a look at some of the kicks, spikes, and serves that sepak takraw players have to master.

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