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Participants taking off at the 2012 Standard Chartered Marathon

How To Train for a Marathon

Rome wasn’t conquered in a day, and neither are marathons. Pick up the basics of what it takes to train for a marathon - injury free of course.

Runner with side stitch

Methods to Stop the Dreaded Stitch

Stitches can ruin a potentially good run. Understand why it occurs and pick up 4 easy tips on how you can prevent them.


Basics to running (1): Warming up

As with most sports, warm-up exercises for running are an important part of the routine. The purpose of warm-ups is to ease the muscles and lungs into more vigorous activity later on.


Basics to running (2): Posture, breathing, pacing

Having covered warm-ups in our previous Running 101, we take a look at the run itself, where there are three key aspects to be considered in order to get a more effective workout and to reduce the risk of injuries.


Basics to running (3): Cooling down

Cool down exercises are needed to help loosen the muscles as exercising tenses them up, and it is also needed to help the heart come to a stop naturally.

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