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rugby 7

Basic Rugby Terms

Whether you’re just learning how to play or watching a match, here’s a list of key rugby jargon for beginners to understand and enjoy the game better.

Rugby 3

Common Infringements in Rugby

Learn about the most common infringements in the Rugby Union in this article.

rugby 5

Executing different types of kicks in Rugby

Find out some of the different ways that players can kick the ball during a game of rugby.

rugby position backs

Rugby positions: Backs

Find out the roles of each position in the ‘backs’ or ‘three-quarters’.

rugby position forwards

Rugby Positions: Explaining the roles of Forwards on the pitch

Discover what role each forward carries out in the game of rugby.

rugby 4

Rugby Sevens and 10-a-side

These two variations of the traditional 15-a-side game are gaining in popularity with sevens now featuring in the 2015 SEA Games and 2016 Olympics.

types of passing and catching

Rugby: Types of passing & catching and how to improve them

There are many different ways to move the rugby ball across the playing field in a game. Find out what these different ways are and how to execute them.

rugby union basics

Rugby Union: The Basics

Find out more about the basics of the sport of rugby.

scoring in rugby

How does the rugby point scoring system work?

Learn about the different ways to score points in rugby union.

rugby 6

Tackling safely in Rugby

Find out the right way to tackle safely in rugby and avoid injuries.

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