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aerobic gymnastics

Aerobic gymnastics rules

Aerobic gymnastics is a competitive sport originating from traditional aerobics, in which elements of varying difficulty are performed to music.

men artistic gymnastic

Components of Men's Artistic Gymnastics

There are six different events that male artistic gymnasts have to contest. Learn about the various events in this article.

gymnastics singapore 1

Components of Women's Artistic Gymnastics

Learn about the various events that female artistic gymnasts compete in.

beginner skills

General skills for beginners in gymnastics

The first step in taking up gymnastics is learning basic tumbling skills such as the forward roll, backward roll, and handstand.

gymnastics terminology

Gymnastics terminology

Wondering what is an aerial or a dismount in gymnastics? We break down some of the most commonly used gymnastics terms in this article.

gymnastics singapore 3

Introduction to gymnastics: Types of gymnastics

There are seven different types of gymnastics, and this article introduces you to the three most prominent disciplines.

gymnastics singapore 6

Rhythmic gymnastics apparatuses and rules

Rhythmic gymnastics involves apparatus manipulation, as well as the combination of ballet, dance and acrobatics.

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