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Football Soccer Short Pass
File Photo Credit: Samuel Lim

By John Yeong


Mastering the art of passing is one of the basics in football. Passing is an effective way of keeping possession in any football match, and should be the first skill set for any beginner to pick up when learning football.

There are mainly two types of passes - long passes and short passes. There are other varied terms like a long weighted pass or a short through pass, but they effectively fall under either of these two categories. 

For the purposes of this article, we will be giving 3 tips to help you master your basic short-pass. Understanding these 3 principles will ensure your short-passes are successful and accurate. 

1. Body Posture

When making a short pass, approach the ball at a slight angle of about 30 degrees. As a rule of the thumb, your spine should be upright and you should be leaning into the pass just before you strike the ball. Plant your non kicking foot firmly beside the ball and hold your arms out for balance when you make the pass.

2. Striking the Ball

Turn your kicking foot outwards, bend your knee slightly, and lock your ankle when you make the pass. Use the inside of your foot to make contact with the centre of the ball as you bring your kicking foot through. This will ensure you have maximum control of your pass.

3. Follow Through

Your follow through will determine how fast or powerful your short pass is. For greater power in your pass (if your teammate is slightly further away), use a stronger follow through after contact has been made with the ball.

Objective of the Short Pass

Short passes should always be kept low to allow your teammate to receive the ball as quickly and with as little problems as possible.

Always remember these 3 principles during practice. After mastering the direct short pass, you can move on to long passes which is used in different situations of a football game.

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