How to improve my football dribbling?

football dribbling drills

By Lim Weiyang


Because it's so much easier to visualise drills than to read about it, we have hand picked 3 great YouTube channels to supplement this article. You may check out their other videos for more drills related to dribbling or take a look at our article on the basics of dribbling first.

The orders of the channels are according to skill level, so we suggest you start from the top then work your way down when you feel you’ve progressed sufficiently. 

Dribbling Drills for Beginners

This video is a great introduction to football, comprehensively covering several basic dribbling drills to develop skills like juggling, improving your touch and shielding. Most importantly, it gives you a better understanding of the overall benefit of the drills as the coach explains the learning objectives and how it applies to actual in-game situations. 

Here is another video that teaches several dribbling drills to work on your touch and build a strong core. This will help you to better react to situations during a game. The video talks about dribbling around tight spaces to reinforce your muscle memory and quickly making corrections whenever you make a bad touch.  

This video will help you to transition from the Beginner to the Intermediate level. By applying the skills you picked up from the previous channel, you’ll be able to pull off the drills mentioned here. It introduces a series of exercises and drills for improving fast footwork and movement.

Having completed your dribbling drill practices, you may also wish to check out our passing and control drills or shooting drills.

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