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Football 5 A Side

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Infographics - Football 5-a-sideFootball 5-a-side made its Paralympic debut at the Athens Games in 2004. It is an adaptation of football, where it is a slightly smaller version compared to the original game, with 5 players instead of the usual 11. It is open to athletes with visual impairments and the ball is equipped with a noise-making device that allows players to locate the ball. This sport involves speed, agility and skilled ball handling.


There is only one sport class for Football 5-a-side and all players are visually handicapped. During the competition, all players must wear eyeshades to ensure all players have the same activity limitation and therefore ensure fairness. Each team has a sighted, able-bodied goalkeeper and must not have been registered with FIFA in the last five years.

Tournament Rules

The sport consists of two 25-minute halves with a 10-minute break in between. Football 5-a-side requires 3 guides (manager, guide, and goalkeeper). With the court being divided into three areas, the manager is allowed to give directions to the players in the middle zone. The guide gives instructions from behind the opposing team's goal to assist the offense, while the goalkeeper can give directions in the defense zone. The player is disqualified if he reaches 5 fouls during the game.

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