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Basic rules of floorball

Learn about the basic gameplay in floorball as well as important rules that players must follow.

Floorball Equipment

Equipment for floorball

Read up on what you should get yourself equipped with before starting a game of floorball.

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Goalkeeping skills in floorball

Pick up the basic techniques used by floorball goalkeepers with these tips.

Floorball_World University Floorball Championships 2014_Singapore

History of Floorball

Floorball is a relatively new sport that has been making waves in the local sports scene. The sport has seen great development ever since it was introduced to Singapore by Mr Stefan Dahlgren back in 1994.

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Passing and receiving the ball in floorball

Learn how to pass and receive in floorball with the right techniques.

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Positions in floorball

Learn more about the general positions in floorball.

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Running with the ball in floorball

Learn how to move with the ball in a floorball game with these tips.

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Shots in floorball

Learn about the different types of shots you can take in floorball with this rundown of basic skills.

Floorball stick holding and posture

Stick holding and posture in floorball

It is vital that a floorball player handles the stick with the proper technique. Learning to have the right posture for a game is important as well.

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