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Kenneth Seow Sport Singapore ambassador
 18 September 2018 By Wong Jeng Teng

Kenneth Seow: A leap of faith onto the fitness train

Newly-appointed SportSG ambassador Kenneth Seow might boast an impressive physique and level of fitness, but the unassuming 29-year-old is no professional athlete, referring to himself as an “average Joe”.

coaches' day
 03 September 2018 By Nicolette Mok

Coaches’ Day 2018: Bonding, collaborating and learning through fun

Beyond just the fun activities, the Coaches’ Day 2018 celebrations also highlighted the importance of collaboration and development as a community.

staying active over 40 image: Friesland Campina
 15 August 2018 By FrieslandCampina

Staying active over 40 is easy as A, B, C!

From reducing the risk of chronic diseases to helping us maintain our cognitive functions as we age, the benefits of being active are exceptional regardless of age.

inclusive sports festival 2018
 14 August 2018 By Nicolette Mok

Inclusive Sports Festival 2018 marks continued efforts by SportCares Foundation to promote inclusive participation in sports

ISF 2018 was a clear indication of Singapore’s success in continuing the legacy of the 2015 ASEAN Para Games.

nurturing the young image: FrieslandCampina
 13 August 2018 By Ada Wong/ FrieslandCampina

Nurturing the young with healthy habits

We are more than half way in to 2018 and I wonder how many of us that made New Year’s resolutions have kept up with them?

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