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 26 May 2017 By Lee Yaocheng/ Reuters Content Solutions

Using kettlebells in your workouts

Kettlebells are becoming increasingly popular with fitness enthusiasts because they combine strength training along with cardio.

Car Free Sunday Parent Child Yoga
 23 May 2017 By Wong Jeng Teng

What to expect at Car-Free Sunday (May 2017)

As we move closer to the middle of the year, we’re also welcoming the school holidays as the children finish their mid-year examinations! Kick off the holidays by bringing your children down for a fun and active Car-Free Sunday at the Civic and Central Business District on 28 May. Take this opportunity to spend more quality time with the family, and enjoy the sunshine in the process!

PM Lee visit SSI
 17 May 2017 By Lim Yong Teck/ Reuters Content Solutions

PM Lee tours Singapore Sports Institute facilities

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, along with Minister for Culture, Community and Youth Grace Fu, visited the the Singapore Sports Institute (SSI) on Tuesday morning.

Car Free Sunday
 17 May 2017 By Lee Yaocheng/ Reuters Content Solutions

Benefits of functional fitness

Body aches? Feeling extremely worn out after just a short work out? Then perhaps functional fitness exercises are for you. But what exactly is functional fitness in the first place?

athlete hydrating Photo: Reuters
 16 May 2017 By Lee Yaocheng/ Reuters Content Solutions

Eating right to make your workouts more effective

Don’t see results that you want? Thinking that your workout is not as effective as it should be? The food that you eat can make all the difference.

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