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'Find a Coach' is intended to help members of the public who are interested to hire suitable coaches from the National Registry of Coaches (NROC) for their coaching services.

All active NROC registered coaches are listed below. NROC coaches who are currently suspended or have had their membership terminated can be found here.

If you are a registered NROC coach and encountering any issue with your profiles (such as missing photo or profile, even though you have checked in SportSync that you have an ‘Active’ NROC membership and enabled your profile to be published), do note that this could be a temporary occurrence while the IT team is actively working to sort out issues. This website will be updated to reflect the latest status as soon as possible.

If you are from a National Sports Association (NSA), a carded athlete, or a registered NROC coach who needs to access the database for administrative purposes, you can also login to SportSync which will provide the appropriate functionality depending on your role. You may visit the SportSync contact page if you need technical assistance with SportSync.
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