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Equestrian 5

Disciplines in Equestrian

Find out about the different equestrian disciplines athletes will be competing in at the 2015 SEA Games.

Equestrian 1

Basic terminology for Equestrian

Basic equine terms, so you can better understand and enjoy the sport.


Equestrian Rules and regulations for Dressage

Learn about the proceedings of the Dressage event.

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Equestrian Rules and regulations for Endurance

Find out about the rules and regulations for the Endurance event in Equestrian.

Equestrian 4

Equestrian Rules and regulations for Jumping

Learn more about the rules that regulate the Jumping event.

Equestrian 2

Equipment for Equestrian

Find out what equipment you will need for equestrian and learn about the dimensions of competitive arenas.

Equestrian 4

Eligibility of Riders and Horses

Find out the criteria and regulations riders and horses must fulfil before they will be allowed to enter Equestrian competitions.

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Penalties in Equestrian

Learn about the errors and faults that could earn you penalties in various Equestrian events.

equestrian singapore

Para Equestrian events

Find out more about Para-equestrian events and how the athletes are classified.

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