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mount everest
 04 June 2018 By Nicolette Mok

Lessons from Everest, 20 years on

On 25 May 1998, the Singapore flag flew on the peak of Mount Everest for the very first time ever. 20 years on, the lessons and values derived from this expedition has continued to resonate for the team leader.

warrior challenge
 08 August 2017 By Wong Jeng Teng

GetActive! Singapore welcomes Warriors both young and old during Sentosa course

Over 500 Singaporeans took a typical day at the beach to a whole new level by challenging themselves on the Warrior Challenge obstacle course, which saw them crawling on the sand, flipping tyres, and carrying bags of rice along Sentosa’s Palawan Beach.

Adventure Climb
 13 July 2017 By Phyllis Lee

CRUX 2017: The first deep water solo competition in Singapore

Experience the thrill and adrenaline of hanging from approximately 20 feet above the water at the first deep water solo competition in Singapore.

running photo: Reuters
 09 February 2017 By Sport Singapore

4 activities you can do with your loved one this Valentine's Day

Candlelit dinners and flowers are great ways to spend Valentine’s Day with your significant other, but if you’re looking for something a bit out of the ordinary and exciting, try out some sporting activities instead.

 18 March 2016 By Sport Singapore

Proper Hydration For Exercise

Proper hydration is important in any workout. Learn how to hydrate yourself before, during and after workout or exercise.

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