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felicia lim climbing sport singapore ambassador
 18 September 2018 By Nicolette Mok

Felicia Lim: Uplifting life lessons from wall climbing

To Felicia Lim, climbing is more than a sport. It’s her passion, her career, and it’s almost a microcosm of her life as she hones resilience and her problem-solving skills on the wall.

team singapore climber vanessa teng
 25 August 2018 By Philip Goh

AG2018: Sport climber revels in Palembang experience as Olympic dream takes shape

The first five metres was a breeze as Vanessa Teng made light work of the bottom section of the 15m high lead wall, effortlessly moving past the blue section into the green.

emmanuel ryan paul
 24 August 2018 By Philip Goh

AG2018: Sport climbers out to make an impact

He buried his face into his hands, hanging in despair as he was lowered back to terra firma. Two more pulls and he would have been able to make the final push for a winning tap.

mount everest
 04 June 2018 By Nicolette Mok

Lessons from Everest, 20 years on

On 25 May 1998, the Singapore flag flew on the peak of Mount Everest for the very first time ever. 20 years on, the lessons and values derived from this expedition has continued to resonate for the team leader.

warrior challenge
 08 August 2017 By Wong Jeng Teng

GetActive! Singapore welcomes Warriors both young and old during Sentosa course

Over 500 Singaporeans took a typical day at the beach to a whole new level by challenging themselves on the Warrior Challenge obstacle course, which saw them crawling on the sand, flipping tyres, and carrying bags of rice along Sentosa’s Palawan Beach.

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