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Chris McGrath sports photography workshop

Chris McGrath, the man behind the camera

Did you know that Chris McGrath, a veteran sports photographer, was not looking to become a photographer after high school?

SMU Gravical 2014

Defying gravity to reach the summit

In its eight year, the students from Singapore Management University (SMU) Climb Team successfully held SMU Gravical, a three-day competition at VivoCity.



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Climbing 101: Learn to Speed Climb

Climbing 101: Learn to Speed Climb

Training Method

Climbing for Beginners

Pick up the basic skills of climbing with our step-by-step guide for beginners in this section.

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Develop Your Game

Take your climbing skill to the next level with our training tips and drills in this section.

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How To Play

How To Play

What's the difference between lead climbing, speed climbing & bouldering? How many basic climbing knots do you need to know before you can start climbing? Click on to find out more about the sport of climbing!

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Did You Know?

Find out interesting facts about the sport of climbing in Singapore and around the world.

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