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How to use a kayak paddle

Kayaking can be a lot of fun if you know the proper techniques. This article serves as a beginner's guide showing 5 steps on how to hold and use a kayak paddle.

What is the right way to hold a canoe paddle

Here’s a guide on the right way to hold a canoe paddle and 4 easy steps to master the basic forward stroke in canoeing, also known as the cruising stroke.

Recreational kayaking: How do I stop?

Propelling yourself forward in Kayaking can be self-explanatory. But how do you stop your kayak to prevent a collision in the waters? Here’s a 5 step guide on the technique used to stop your kayak.

Recreational kayaking: How do I turn?

This article discusses two different methods you can use to turn in Kayaking, broken down into easy steps. Turning in Kayaking isn't so intuitive but it's an essential skill you'll have to learn after paddling.

How to recover a capsized kayak to the upright position?

Losing your kayak in open water can be disastrous. Here's our guide to recovering from your capsized kayak, in situations where you're still in your kayak and even when you have fallen out.

Learn to Kayak: Adventure on water

This feature article teaches the basics to kayaking, how to turn left and right and how to stop.

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