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Three point shoot by Sara Giauro (Phard Vomero Napoli) during FIBA Europe Cup Women Finals 2005Three point shoot by Sara Giauro (Phard Vomero Napoli) during FIBA Europe Cup Women Finals 2005 (Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

ABL 2017 26 NOV 2017 - 11 MAR 2018

A game of basketball boils down to being able to outscore your opponent and yield a higher field goal percentage.

Here are 6 basketball scoring shots that are commonly used.  

1. Layup

First, pick a side you want to score from -- either the left or the right -- and dribble towards the basket.

If on the right flank, you will dribble the ball towards the basket with your right hand, and vice versa.

At the three point line, or within two metres from the basket, take two giant strides towards the hoop. After making two strides, stop dribbling and attempt to score by throwing the ball at the top corner of the backboard.

2. Jump shot

To achieve balance when facing the basket for a jump shot, you have to take a wide stance, bend your knees and square your shoulders.

Then you have to make a fluid explosive upward leap and at the apex of the jump, follow through by shooting the ball.

When the ball is released at the apex of the jump shot, you must keep your elbow straight to ensure that it is pointed in the direction of the basket. Concentrate on flicking your wrist and holding it in position to provide the ball with momentum and spin.

3. Hook shot

To do a hook shot, you need to face the basket sideways so that your shooting hand dribbling the ball is facing away from the basket. This is also the stance to help guard the ball from your opponent.

To make the shot, you have to jump with your left foot pushing off the ground if you’re making a right-handed shot or vice versa. The shooting arm should be slightly bent and it should thrust upwards, as the ball is lobbed with a flick of the wrist.

Your hand should be pointed towards the basket for a better aim.

4. Free throw

Before attempting to shoot, you must maintain your balance. Find the nail or dot in the middle of the free throw line and line your shooting foot up against it. For right-handed shooters, the shooting foot will be your right foot.

After finding your balance, your elbow on your shooting hand must be lined up to make an “L” right under the ball with fingers spread out for backspin.

Aim for the back of the rim with your eyes focusing on the rim.

After you release the ball, keep your hand up in the air for a second or two after the ball leaves it as follow-through.

5. Bank shot

A bankshot is a shot that has to bounce off of the backboard before the ball goes into the basket. It is useful as the backboard helps guide the ball giving the shot a better accuracy.

To do a bank shot, you need to bend your knees and square your shoulders before leaping off the ground. At the apex of the jump, release the ball and aim slightly higher by shooting for the backboard.

Jumping higher can also sometimes mean jumping slightly backwards when aiming for the basket to prevent defenders from blocking the shot.

And as the ball goes off the backboard, it should refrain from hitting the rim too much.

Chicago Bulls Joakim Noah does a Slam Dunk in a Match against Washington Wizards (Jan 2014)Chicago Bulls Joakim Noah delivers a slam dunk (Photo Credit: Chicago Bulls)

6. Slam dunk

The slam dunk is one of the toughest feats in basketball.

To get the necessary vertical leap and sufficient hang time, an explosive upward jump is required. This is to allow your entire extended hand holding onto the ball, to go up and over the rim to safely make a dunk.

First, dribble towards the hoop and make a charge towards it when ready to execute the dunk.

Most people jump off of one foot, but you might find that you can jump higher off both feet.

To get the basketball up, over and through the hoop, have a firm grip of it with either one or both hands and sink it into the basket only once you have achieved enough vertical leap.

As it takes more effort to touch the rim with both hands, a single-handed dunk is normally easier to execute.

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