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baseball catches hearts
 13 November 2017 By Jeremy Lee/ Reuters Plus

Baseball catches hearts and minds in Singapore

Baseball may be one of the most popular sport in the world, but here in Singapore, it’s popularity has yet to reach the heights of other sports such as football and basketball.

Lizard Skins
 19 April 2016 By SportTechie

From cycling to the MLB, this hi-tech tape is helping hitters get a grip

In sports it is sometimes the smallest of modifications that wind up making the the biggest of differences.

Tampa Bay Rays
 11 April 2016 By SportTechie

The Tampa Bay Rays are using virtual reality to prepare for opponents

The Tampa Bay Rays have taken a note out of the page of the numerous NFL teams that have begun using virtual reality in training with an announcement that they have started using EON Sports’ iCube.

 18 March 2016 By Sport Singapore

Proper Hydration For Exercise

Proper hydration is important in any workout. Learn how to hydrate yourself before, during and after workout or exercise.

 01 February 2016 By

MLB teams are getting a hi-tech uniform upgrade this coming season

The MLB is one of the rare leagues that does not have its uniforms dominated by one of the sports apparel giants of today’s world. Although, to call Majestic Athletic a small company would be a complete misconception, given that their initial agreement with the MLB in 2005 was valued at $500 million.