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Redbull Smash Zone 2014

Forehand Clear - The Essential Skill For Badminton Beginners

In competitive play, the forehand clear is employed as either an attacking shot or defensive shot, with the aim of driving your opponent to the rear court.

Derek Wang_Badminton Footwork

Good Footwork For Better Play

In a fast game of badminton, not only will mastering good footwork enable you to reach the shuttlecock early, it can also help to prevent injuries.

Badminton Service

Starting Right How crucial is the serve

An explanation on the different types of serves you can perform in badminton and tips on how to deliver an unpredictable, well executed badminton service.

Badminton Shots

The different types of badminton shots and when to use them

CLEAR, SMASH, DROP, DRIVE! - An overview of the different types of badminton strokes and when to use them.

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