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Badminton_How do I score in a game of badminton

Badminton is one of the most popular racquet sports in Singapore. Equipments are relatively inexpensive which makes it easy for new players to take up the sport. To get started, all you need is a badminton court, net, racquets and shuttlecocks.

Badminton is fun which makes it a good activity for family and friends to bond. At the same time, it is also an effective calorie-burner that not only builds strength but put your reflexes to the test. After all, players are required to run, lunge, stretch, leap and jump around the 20 x 44 feet rectangular court.

Badminton Court

Here is a breakdown of badminton rules based on “Laws of Badminton Regulations 2013/2014” by the Badminton World Federation.

The coin toss – who goes first?

Before a tournament starts, a coin is tossed.  The winner of the coin toss will then get to choose either

1) to serve or to receive   or

2) the preferred side of the court.

The loser of the coin toss will then exercise the remaining choice. 


A serve is delivered diagonally across the courts. During service, both the server and receiver must stand at diagonally opposite sides without touching the boundary lines of the badminton courts. During a serve, the point at which the racquet is allowed to come into contact with the shuttlecock must happen below the server’s waist.


A rally starts with a serve, often times continuing with a series of shots exchanged between opposing sides before it finally ends when a point is scored.

Badminton Scoring System – 3 (games) x 21 (points)

The 3 (game sets) x 21 (points) scoring system was first introduced in December 2005 and is now the official scoring system used at professional tournaments. Despite the official updates to the rules, some recreational players (particularly those who have been playing badminton for many years) still follow the traditional scoring system.

A badminton match consists of three games.

The first player/team to score 21 points wins a game.

A point is awarded to the player/team that wins the rally.

In the event that a game reaches a 20-20 score, players can only win the set by getting a 2 point lead over the opposing party e.g. 22-20, 23-21, 24-22 etc. 

In the event that the game reaches a 29-29 score, the first team to reach 30 points will win the set and take the service for the next game.

Switching sides on the court

Players/teams will switch sides on the court

At the end of the first game

At the end of the second game if there is a third game

During the third game the first player/team scores 11 points.

For a detailed breakdown of badminton rules, do refer to the Badminton World Federation “Laws of Badminton Regulations 2013/2014”.

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