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! SportSG’s Advisory For Resumption Of Sport And Physical Exercise & Activity For Phase Two (“Safe Transition”) is now available. Refer to our latest advisory and FAQs for more details.
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The Singapore Archery Open 2018 will be happening from 23 to 25 November. Click here for more info.  

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Starting out in archery

This guide takes beginners through some basic steps required to shoot an arrow from its bow. It also includes a short test that will help you determine your dominant eye.

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Archery rules and regulations

A simplified version of the basic rules on the archery field. This article includes the class categorisation for archers as well as rules regarding shooting and scoring.

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Archery Equipment

A brief introduction to the different types of archery equipment. This article also includes the two most common bow classifications used in competitive archery.

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Disciplines in Archery

Apart from the most common form, target archery, the sport also offers many other disciplines. This article sheds light on the many other types of archery.

para archery

Para Archery and rehabilitation

This article details how archery has been adapted to suit the needs of physically disabled people, including the visually-impaired, and how it helps in rehabilitation.

archery in singapore

Where to learn archery in Singapore

A general summary on the various clubs in Singapore that offer archery courses for both novices and enthusiasts hoping to take the sport to a competitive level.

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