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Synchronised Swimming 4

What is Synchronised Swimming?

Synchronised Swimming combines advanced swimming ability, flexibility, strength, stamina and creativity. It is performed as a routine to music and can be performed in solos, duets, trios or in a team.

Synchronised Swimming 7

Getting started with Synchronised Swimming

Take a look at this guide to give you a head start to synchronised swimming. Find out what equipment you need and how to get started.

Synchronised Swimming 2

Basic skills and positions in Synchronised Swimming

This article talks about basic synchronised swimming skills like sculling and treading water. It illustrates some common synchronised swimming positions and the components of a lift.

Synchronised Swimming beyond the water

Beyond the water in Synchronised Swimming: Music, costume, make-up

During a synchronised swimming routine, music is used to complement the chosen theme. Elaborate costumes, headwear and make up are used to capture the attention of judges and spectators.

Synchronised Swimming 3

Simple Synchronised Swimming positions to master

This article illustrates and explains basic synchronised swimming positions that a novice can master in one day.

Synchronised Swimming 6

Benefits of Synchronised Swimming

We discuss how training in synchronised swimming can help improve overall health by increasing lung function, building muscle mass, strengthening your core and increasing overall flexibility.

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