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Diving woman

Diving rules and techniques

Learn about the six main dive groups for springboard and platform diving, as well as how to attempt basic stunts like a forward approach and hurdle with these useful pointers.

diving 2

Dive groups and positions in springboard and platform diving

Learn more about the four main body positions you can assume during the flight of a dive, as well as tactics on how to do a proper kickout after you get off a diving board or platform.

diving equipment

Diving equipment and accessories

Although novice divers do not necessarily need special equipment, there are certain items that can help divers with their training.

Diving dont be daunted

Diving for Beginners: Don't be daunted by diving

If you’re thinking of taking up diving, there are some important concepts that a beginner should understand before taking the plunge. Here, we provide some useful tips and information that will help you to cultivate your diving skills.

Diving dry land

Improve your skills with dryland diving

Besides regular training in the pool, you can also practice dryland training to hone a particular skill set, or attempt a dive that seems too taxing to try out in the water.

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