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wakeboard waterskii singapore venues

File photo credit: wikimedia commons

By Hevina Kaur 

Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie or you’re looking to get out of your comfort zone, wakeboarding is a thrilling and unique sport to try your hand at. Here are 3 of the best places to Wakeboard or Waterski in Singapore.

1. Absolute 7 Watersports

Absolute 7 caters to both recreational riders as well as those aspiring to be professionals. They have professional instructors and own a fleet of specialised boats to take you out on your Wakeboarding trip. 

Other than that, they also provide services for Waterskiing, Waterskating, Wakesurfing, Kneeboarding, Tube-Towing, Banana Boating and you can even have your own Yacht Party! One seriously cool thing about them is how their boats are equipped with sound systems. They encourage you to bring your iPod or MP3 players to jam to your favourite songs while out at sea!

$180 for Weekdays and $200 for Weekends for a Beginner Course (Conducted over 2 days, 1 hour per day)

Absolute Seven Watersports 
Marina Country Club 
600 Punggol, 17Th Avenue 
Singapore 829734 

6387 0123

2. Edge Wakeboarding

Edge calls themselves a place for Wakeboarders by Wakeboarders. Now, that probably sounds a little bit intimidating but they promise to cater to people of every skill level just as long as you have an interest in Wakeboarding. They also provide equipment and instructors who have an average of 10 years experience.

They use a less conservative method of teaching, relying on the “feel” of the sport rather than the technicalities. They ensure that this method allows students to learn in a much faster and safer manner. 

$130 per hour

Edge Wakeboarding
Marina Country Club
600 Punggol, 17th Avenue
Singapore 829734

6386 6634

3. Ski: 360

Ski 360 is the first Cable-Ski Park in Singapore with a new 650 m Cableway. They provide lessons in cable wakeboarding, unique only to this school. I live pretty near this school and happen to pass by it a lot on my runs at East Coast. It looks really interesting and it's motorised cables have introduced a fresh concept new to Singapore.

This automation maybe the reason why its relatively much cheaper than the other wakeboarding service providers, but then again, this does not cater to students like the rest.

$38 per hour on Weekdays and $50 for one hours on Weekends

Ski 360
1206A East Coast Parkway 
Singapore 449891

6442 7318

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