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Find out interesting facts about alternative sports in Singapore and around the world.

Best places to wakeboard and waterskii in Singapore

Wakeboarding and Waterskiing have been gaining a lot of attention here lately. Here are the 3 best places in Singapore where you can try out and learn wakeboarding.

Recreational vs Competitive Paintball

Paintball's popularity in Singapore has increased exponentially over the last decade. There are three different variations of paintball, in addition to competitive paintball.

paintball speedball 2

Speedball: Teamwork at its best

Paintball may not be an unfamiliar term to the masses – it has become a common activity for recreational gatherings or company teambuilding events. Unbeknownst to many, though, competitive paintball or Speedball still is.

What is Footvolley

Footvolley is a really unique sport that hasn’t had much coverage in Singapore. Here’s a guide to the basics rules of the game, and how footvolley originated and is played today.

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