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The advent of eSports

Electronic sports, or eSports as it is more commonly known, is gradually gaining traction in society today as the numbers and reputation of organised, professional computer gaming tournaments increase.


Weekly flippa ball sessions breathe renewed vigour into seniors

When the day breaks every Thursday morning, most Singaporeans would be about their usual hustle to either head to school or work. But for a bunch of elderly ladies, they are already doing warm-ups in the pool at Toa Payoh Swimming Complex, preparing for an hour of flippa ball fun.

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Intro to Bossaball: Combining volleyball, football and gymnastics

Intro to Bossaball: Combining volleyball, football and gymnastics

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Pick up the basic skills of alternative sports with our step-by-step guide for beginners in this section.

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Find out interesting facts about alternative sports in Singapore and around the world.

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