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wotcha cooking ep 40 nutrition

Get Active TV: Wot'cha Cooking? [Episode 40]

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Lemon & Lime and everything nice! We end this season of Wot’cha Cooking with a zesty display of 3 wonderful recipes: Tom Yum Shrimp Soup with Shirataki Noodles, Cauliflower Fried rice with Vietnamese sauce, and Lemon & Vinegar Enzyme drink.

Join host Ben Logan Sng, Singapore Sport Institute Dietitian, Liyan, and Team Singapore Beach Volleyballer, Eliza Chong, as we whip up 3 delectable dishes for you today!


Tom Yam Shrimp soup with Shirataki Noodles (Serves 1)


 1 packet shirataki noodles
 500 ml water
 30 g Tom Yam paste
 3 shallots, thinly sliced
 1 lemon grass, cut and bruised
 3 kaffir lime leaves
 1 chilli, deseeded
 8 shrimps (or ~100g ) (or tofu for vegan version)
 1 tomato, cut into slices
 50 g mushrooms
 2 tsp fish sauce (or to taste)
 Small squeeze of lime juice
 Coriander/spring onion, chopped as garnish

Cooking method:
1. Rinse shirataki noodles in water and boil in a pot for 2-3 mins. Remove, drain and rinse with cold water. Set aside
2. In a pot, gently stir-fry shallots and lemon grass with some oil until fragrant.
3. Add water, Tom Yam paste, chilli and lime leaves and bring to boil. Add shrimps, tomato and mushrooms and allow mixture to cook for a few mins until boiling.
4. Add shirataki noodles, and season with fish sauce and lime juice.
5. Garnish and serve!

Tip: same soup base can be prepared with regular noodles for non-low carb version


Cauliflower Fried Rice with Vietnamese Sauce (Serves 2)


 400 g cauliflower, cut into chunks
 1 cup frozen mixed veggies
 150 g shrimps, chopped
 2 eggs, beaten
 1 medium sized onion, diced
 3 cloves garlic, minced
 Coriander to garnish
 Vietnamese sauce
o ¼ cup water
o 3 tbsp lime juice
o 2 tbsp fish sauce
o 1 tbsp honey/maple syrup
o ½ tsp apple cider vinegar
o 1 tsp chilli flakes

Cooking method:
1. To prepare Vietnamese sauce – combine all ingredients, mix well and set aside until ready to use
2. Prepare cauliflower rice – remove main stems from cauliflower, grate in food processor for ~15 seconds to obtain rice like texture
3. Heat oil in a large pan and add cauliflower rice. Stir fry until rice turns light yellow and fragrant (~5 mins). Remove and set aside
4. In the same pan, stir fry onions and garlic until fragrant. Add veggies and shrimps and stir fry until cooked. Add eggs and cauliflower rice into the pan. Mix well.
5. Garnish and serve!

Tip: uncooked cauliflower “rice” can be frozen and defrost to cook when required.


Lemon and Vinegar Enzyme Drink (Recipe by Adele Lau) (Serves 2)


 1 lemon
 ~100 brown sugar
 Rock salt
 Vinegar
 Sterile glass jar
 2 tbsp Plum vinegar/Apple cider vinegar
 2 cup warm water

Preparation method:

1. To prepare lemon enzyme – rub skin of lemon with rock salt and rinse. Rinse with vinegar and then with water.
2. Remove ends of lemon, then slice lemon thinly.
3. Add sliced lemon into sterile glass jar and add equal weight of brown sugar. Mix well and cover. Let sit in room temperature for 5 days for fermentation to be complete.
4. To prepare drink – Mix plum vinegar, 4 tbsp of lemon concentrate and warm water.
5. Serve!