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GetActive! Singapore Games ep 2 workout

The GetActive! Singapore Games Ep 2

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The GetActive! Singapore Games is back for its 2020 rendition! This year we have 4 teams competing to be overall champions, Team ActiveSG, Team Nila, Team Sportcares and Team Singapore! Who will you be rooting for?

Show your support with emoji reactions now: LIKE = SportCares, HEART = Team Nila, CARE = Team Singapore, WOW = ActiveSG

This National Day Week, from Monday to Thursday, we will be releasing an episode a day in 2 parts, 3pm and 9pm on Get Active TV. Stay tuned to find out who will emerge as overall champions!

As we move closer to National Day, let us unite as One Team Singapore by pledging to take action and support meaningful causes.

Find out how you can pledge your heart for Singapore by visiting

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