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Nicholas Jacob chong and kid photo: Nicholas family

Super-fit Dad smashes stereotype

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Nicholas Jacob Chong, 31, is a fitness trainer by profession and a former bodybuilder. But that’s not all. He is also a wonderful dad to his son, Killian Zander DS-Chong, who is turning two in September.

Most of us cannot help but think of a middle-aged person with a “dad bod” when we think of fathers but Nicholas smashes that stereotype to a pulp.

Nicholas Jacob chong and kid photo: NicholasNicholas Jacob Chong and his son, Killian Zander DS-Chong. Photo: Nicholas Jacob Chong

Prior to COVID-19, this super-fit dad was hitting the gym on a regular basis. He spends about four to five days on resistance training, and one to two days on cardiovascular training such as running, swimming and high intensive interval training (HIIT).

Nicholas shared: “During the circuit breaker, I have been coaching daily online fitness classes via Zoom. Thus, I would be doing the classes with my participants and that became part of my workout routine besides my own home training. As Phase 2 started, I have been back to the gym, training my regular resistance sessions, as well as incorporating some HIIT exercises as part of my cardiovascular sessions.”

Nicholas Jacob chong and kid photo: NicholasPhoto: Nicholas Jacob Chong

When it comes to parents who are trying to raise active and healthy kids, Nicholas feels that they should plan their days to ensure that there are activities to expand their kids’ energy throughout the day even if it’s just for half an hour. He finds that making it a lifestyle will be the best solution as it becomes a habit after a while. Also, getting them involved in any home activities or creating a little workout with them helps.

So, what does this super-fit dad do with his son to keep him active and healthy?

“As my son is highly active, I would try to expand his energy by bringing him to the playground, practicing safety measures and social distancing of course during this period. I would also have home workout sessions with him as he picks up doing squats and push ups quite easily at such a young age. I’ll also put some great music on and dance with him as part of a ‘workout’ or even bringing Killian to the ActiveSG pool nearby for a little dip and kicking the ball around at home. At times, Killian will request for me to hold the target or punching mitts so that he can throw some cute little punches,” Nicholas mused.

Nicholas Jacob chong and kid photo: NicholasPhoto: Nicholas Jacob Chong

How should parents introduce sports or exercises to their little ones?

Nicholas said: “We should try to introduce sports to them at a young age and be open to letting them try any sport. Watching some sports programmes on the television or devices with them will also help to introduce the different types of sports.

He added: “Be adventurous as a parent to try it out yourself too. I find that by doing that, it will also create an amazing bonding time together. By exercising with them, you will also find yourself learning about your kid’s character and it could also help to build their values. Leading them in all aspects of life with love, fun and laughter can also be applied to leading them into new sports or exercising.”

Nicholas Jacob chong and kid photo: NicholasPhoto: Nicholas Jacob Chong

So, is it true that active parents naturally raise active kids?

Nicholas believes so. As being an active parent has already been part of his lifestyle, he naturally tends to introduce sports or workouts to his kid, and it becomes second nature and part of his parenting process.


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