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Claire Bostock and kid Photo: Claire family

The fitspo mum

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Claire Bostock, formerly from the banking industry, is no stranger to keeping fit and healthy after being in the health and wellness industry for the last 15 years; starting off as a yoga teacher, then moving on to a management role, running a wellness resort, Yoga and Pilates studios, healthy food delivery business and a wellness travel company.

She is currently working as a freelance wellness consultant and cellular health specialist, helping people heal on a cellular level.

Claire Bostock and daughter Photo: ClaireClaire Bostock and her daughter, Cheyenne. Photo: Claire Bostock

A loving mother to her only daughter, Cheyenne, 9 going on to 10, Claire recalled how she was always in competitive sports back in school. During her secondary days, she was in the Singapore Chinese Girls School (SCGS) cross country team and in Junior College, she was in the National Junior College (NJC) canoeing team.

These were all endurance sports and training was grueling but Claire enjoyed pushing herself, training with her team mates and forming the camaraderie with them. She proudly shared that they were the national champions for canoeing for two years and that it was so rewarding to have their hard work paid off. Training back then was usually a 5km run for warm up, sprints up and down the MacRitchie hill, drills for warm up and then water training for about two to three hours.

When asked what she did to keep fit and healthy pre-COVID-19, Claire said: “Being in the fitness industry for so many years, my work used to involve running studios and quality checking teachers so by default, I went to one to two classes a day of Rhythm Cycling or Pilates reformer and swam during the weekends . I am a firm believer in a balanced workout doing different exercise modalities that target your cardio, core strength and flexibility and adapting as your body changes through the years especially when you hit your 40’s.

She added: “In the past year, I’ve found an affinity with functional training and have been doing classes at least five to six times a week. It’s always different and my fitness level has improved tremendously even though am now approaching 45.”

claire photo: Claire BostockPhoto: Claire Bostock

During the Circuit Breaker, she still managed to work out almost everyday thanks to technology. The fitness studio that she attended held ‘LIVE’ classes daily at three different timings which made it convenient for her.

Claire quipped: “It was great that I still had challenging workouts each day and managed to maintain my fitness level. I also went for jogs in the evenings once or twice a week.”

She had this piece of advice to share with parents who are trying to raise active and healthy kids: “Try to be a role model for them by being active yourself. It doesn’t need to be something challenging, just something simple like going for walks two to three times a week and involve your kids. Let them try different activities as each child is different and what one child’s body needs, or likes is different from another. Eventually you’ll find something they will like to do. Many times, its parents thinking their kids would like to do something, but the child doesn’t really like it and the result turns out quite the opposite when the child thinks that exercise is boring or tiresome. It’s never tiresome if you enjoy it.”

So, what does this fitspo mum do to keep her child active?

Claire Bostock and kid Photo: Claire Claire's daughter, Cheyenne, has always been active. Photo: Claire Bostock

Claire shared that her daughter, Cheyenne, has always been active. Since she was 6 months old, Claire would go for swim lessons with her and when she got into the school swim team, they would swim together during the weekends. Now that she’s older, she has moved on to ballet, but Claire brings her along whenever she goes jogging while Cheyenne scoots besides her. Occasionally, they will do the treetop hike from Hort Park to Henderson waves too. They also sometimes swim at the Clementi Swimming Complex.

Is it true then that active parents raise active kids?

“I like to think so as during their early years, parents act as the main role models for kids and habits, good or bad, are formed during these formative years. By watching their parents being active, it instills in them the notion that this is a good habit. Active parents also understand the need to be healthy and would try to get their kids to be active too,” Claire said.

Claire Bostock and kid Photo: Claire Parents can bring their kids out to nature to make it fun and explorative for them. Photo: Claire Bostock

For parents who wish to play sports or exercise with their young kids, Claire suggests that they try different things to find something their child really likes. It doesn’t even need to be a sports per se. They can bring them out to nature to make it fun and explorative for them as Singapore has so many nice parks, nature walks and treetop walks.

It is a great bonding experience to hike or walk together and it works up a good amount of sweat. Take time to explain to them why it is important to be active. Claire’s daughter once asked her why she always exercises, and she told her it is because she wanted to be strong and healthy; so that she can be with her daughter in her later years and still be pottering about.


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